Writing Hemo for Moating Take is a self-referential performance work stored in several photographs, audio recordings, sculpture/prop-hybrids, and videos produced and found between 2015-2016. One of its several departure points is an investigation of its means of production and intention through a reconstruction of the past. Reproductive conditions are circuited through infiltrating an unattainable mansion from a found copy of the magazine Connoisseur (a lifestyle magazine exclusive to Swedish citizens with an annual income larger than 1.9 mil. SEK) which doubles as a script when garden statues and fountains are casted as that which outlines a peninsula. Its soundtrack is recorded in a medically-supervised choking game, where the supervisor was a medical student rumoured to have spent their childhood in a historical politician's summer house. 


Custom tripod, 2014. Rose thorns on camera tripod, fingerless garden glove, camera. Adjustable dimensions.


Subtitles, 2015. Calluna branch zip-tied to artificial lavender in makeshift vase with DVD. 30 x 20 x 18 cm.