he footage has been captured at night, the animals are unaware that they are being filmed. because these live their lives in giant reservations they’re able to not be extinct yet. were all saving the animals from not being saved by us. i hope that the documentary benefits them economically, and because these people, the antelopes, the hyenas, the elephants, the rhinos, the cheetahs, aren’t in a position to handle money, I hope that someone or something more competent takes care of their economy on their behalf. Its extremely clear to me that it's an engineering problem:

claws (when we generalise, when we try really really hard, all animals have claws: elaborated fingers seen from the other side of history) and money don’t do well together. capital is the ultimate presence of an absence (Hi dad!), the presence of an absence is the ultimate pretentious thing i come across in an art magazine that i input into an artist statement or at least an artistic statement(again), and is only made visible in modes of circulation and transaction (except for credit cards, cash, paintings, private islands, and vacations).

out on the savannah, of course also the meadow, the forest, the park, these beings remain artificially natural.

their expiration date is eventually written already. they only exist because they’re being filmed. forever actors up until the point when the broadcast ends and they end. life and visibility becomes the exact same thing. I wonder what else this applies to and when it will apply to everything and when it will be realized that this applies to everything and how this ends and how this is different.

to prick your finger,